Christ Centered Resources

Welcome to my "Little Well" of Church Resources page!

Littlewell is the name chosen when I built the Sermon Database Engine back in 1995. The site was originally built to automate parts of posting sermons on the University Hill United Church website. It has been rebuilt over the years to allow it to continue to run on newer servers and browsers. Many times it has been my "practice" site as I learn new web technologies. For you who like tech geek stats, this latest revision makes use of the Laravel framework, livewire and tailwindcss and is designed to have a more friendly display on mobile devices.

I am not looking to generate revenue off this site. After being up literally decades the site is still hugely popular on Saturday evenings when folks are looking for sermon ideas. As long as this need continues and I have health to maintain the site, it will remain in place. If you have Christ centred resources you would like to publicly share on this site, please contact me with your ideas. If I have the time and your ideas fit within the purpose of this site I can probably make it happen.

Thank you and enjoy the newest version of the site!

Jason Carlson
May 1, 2021